A list of my published writings so far.


"Gift Cards of an Ex-Goddess," in Mystic Signals 6 magazine, May 2010.  Out of print, but limited copies available at Amazon.  Also see 2013 publications for an audio version.

"Shaman," October 3, 2010, at Short Story.me. Historical fantasy with characters and settings from novel in progress, Necklace of the Dove. 

"The Gates of Shaizar," in Pulp Empire, vol. 2.  Historical adventure based on novel in progress, Necklace of the Dove. Out of print, but see 2012 information for reprint venue.


"Eight Seconds," January 2011, in Award-Winning Tales from Western publisher Moonlight Mesa Associates.  A contemporary Western that was a winner in the publisher's 2010 Cowboy-Up contest.  Reprinted in Pulp Modern, autumn 2011, both venues available at Amazon

"No Place to Run, " December 1, 2011, at The Western Online. This Civil War-era Western was a finalist in Moonlight Mesa's 2011 Cowboy-Up contest.


"The Gates of Shaizar," February 14, 2012. A reprint of the historical adventure story, at Abandoned Towers

"Blind Man's Bluff," May 2012, in Mystic Signals 14 magazine.  A fantasy short story, available at Amazon and online at Sorcerous Signals.

"The Khan's Sword," July 2012, from Jake's Monthly Anthology -- Alternate History. Alternate history short story, available at www.smashwords.com/books/view/180165/. Also see 2013 publications for a different venue, both from talented young editor Jake Johnson.

"In the Castle of the Assassins," Stupefying Stories, September 2012.  Historical fantasy based on characters from novel in progress, Necklace of the Dove. Available in Kindle from Amazon.

"Trace," Jake's Monthly Anthology -- Endgame Extravaganza, October 2012.  Available at www.smashwords.com/books/view/243335/


"Gift Cards of an Ex-Goddess," September 2013. Audio version of a modern fantasy story, at Cast of Wonders

"The Khan's Sword," September 2013, in Jake's Monthly:  Recollection, editor Jake Johnson collection of 50 best stories from his monthly anthology series.  Available at www.createspace.com/4392065/.


"After the War," January 2014. Amazon warrior's take on "The Art of War," in The Lorelei Signal.

"Diamond in the Sky," January 2014. A space opera on Mars, in The Lorelei Signal,

"Two Black Birds," March 2014. A fantasy story based on Irish myths, at Eternal Haunted Summer.

"In The Castle of the Assassins," October 2014. In The Lorelei Signal. This is a reprint of a fantasy story published originally in September 2012 as an e-book anthology by Rampant Loon Press. Still available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, & Apple iBooks, but check out the newer version for Lee Kuruganti's always evocative artwork.


"Trace," May 2015. Podcast of suspense short story based on characters from a novel in progress, at The Way of the Buffalo

"Planet, Paper, Space," June 2015. A science fiction short story, at Luna Station Quarterly, which touts it as "the most original use of origami. . ." Free online, or buy it and get the snazzy pink cover.

"No Place to Run," November 2015. A Western short story, at Frontier Tales. This is a slightly updated reprint of a Civil War era story first published in 2011.I like editor Duke Pennell's synopsis that ends with "a beautiful woman  nearly cost his his life -- and made him realize just how much he valued it."

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