Monday, March 21, 2011

Totally Texas -- Bookmark this

My daughter promised her just turned five-year-old twins we’d better go by Bookmarks in NorthPark Center in Dallas.  The boys are crazy about the kid-friendly computer programs in the Dallas Public Library’s branch inside the shopping mall, a branch designed for children up to age twelve.  But she didn’t think they’d be able to sit still long enough to take advantage of the craft project the library hosted.  But when the librarian set out a table stocked enticingly with arrays of construction paper, crayons and markers – not to mention stamping pens, kid-safe scissors, and googly glue-on eyes -- even the bossier twin surrendered his mouse.

My daughter is still amazed that there are parents and caretakers of small children in North Texas who don’t know about this little powerhouse of a library.  It’s only a few feet from CenterPark, the central plot of grass, gardens and art with space for kids to play.  And just across a corridor from family-friendly restrooms.  (Do I need to tell anybody with small ones in tow how great that is?)  If you get lost in the maze of stores, find Ad Astra (the piece of art that looks like an immense orange tinker toy) and look south to find the corridor labeled with Bookmarks’ name.

Since the library is in NorthPark, a development of art collector Raymond Nasher, it wouldn’t be complete without art.  The twins love following nursery rhymes and fairy tales through the murals on Bookmarks’ walls.  And there are adult-sized chairs and magazines available even for people older than twelve.  Bring the kids and stay awhile.

Bookmarks is closed Tuesdays but open Monday and Wednesday through Saturday from until , and Sundays from until five.  Special activities include music, story telling and crafts.  This Wednesday, March 23, at storyteller Hazel Sandlin presents “Irish Fairy Tales for the Fairly Young” and traditional Irish tunes.  For more information about upcoming events see  And feel free to pass along your own special places for the young or young at heart.

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