Monday, July 9, 2012

Wordcraft -- Things you've looked for

There’s so much to write about, I don’t always take the time to address the concerns you, my reader, have. You use great search words, but I don’t always see page views in Blogger’s statistics for the posts they relate to. So I’m spending today’s post addressing more direct links to plug into this blog’s search engine for the posts you like best.

And because I haven’t been able to archive the pictures originally published with posts, I’ve set up a pinterest board named “melissa embry’s blog in pictures” to put favorite images in one place. You’ll need to ask for an invitation at .  I’ll add more pictures each week, including alternates that didn’t appear with the original posts. I also include search words and any updated information available. Tell me which posts’ pictures you want to see!

To help make sense of the archives, here are some posts with frequently used search words:

Anne Lamott -- April 13, 2011, for “Anne Lamott on writing, families and faith.” Or friend her on Facebook. Yes, she’s on the internet now! She’s your all time favorite blog subject -- so I’m reprinting her picture, taken with my phone, since I forgot my camera that day.

Blueberries in Texas -- Blueberry Hill Farms reports berries still available. See their site, and my June 15, 2012, post, “Berries blue and beautiful.”

Bran Mak Morn -- See June 6, 2012, “Entry to the storyteller’s guild,” for a discussion of Robert E. Howard’s semi-historical take on his Pictish hero.

Duck Creek train -- December 26, 2011, “Can you hear the train coming?” Train administrator Joel Occhiuzzo doesn’t list a date yet for the 2012-2013 season, but if he’s on his usual schedule, the downscaled train in the Duck Creek neighborhood of Richardson, Texas, will start taking riders the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday,
Nov. 23, 2012. See his site, .

Heard Museum’s animatronic dinosaurs -- See October 24, 2011, “Robot dinosaurs invade McKinney.” The museum’s site,, reports the dinos will return October 2, 2012.

Katharine Woolley -- Agatha Christie killed the fictional counterpart of the demanding wife of her husband Max Mallowan’s boss in Murder in Mesopotamia. See April 20, 2012, “The art of murder made personal.” I’d love to see a biography of the mysterious Mrs. Woolley whose first husband was reported to have committed suicide on their honeymoon.

Sonia Pahcheka (great-great-granddaughter of Comanche chief Quanah Parker) -- May 11, 2011, “Quanah Parker’s descendent drops in.” Ms. Pahcheka’s picture is on my pinterest board. Recent news from Comanche country -- the tribe’s adoption of actor Johnny Depp, playing a Comanche character in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie.

State Fair of Texas -- See October 3, 2011, “State forecast: Sunny and fair.” The 2012 state fair dates are Sept. 28 - Oct. 21.

Wolf Larsen -- I discussed Jack London’s anti-hero August 12, 2011, in “The author as
super-man.” Another London work also appeared February 10, 2012, in “Spinning fool’s gold into fame.”


Sister-in-law Juneau Embry sent a link to a new-to-me writing conference, Lexicon, this coming weekend, July 21-22, in Denton, Texas. Sounds interesting. See their site,

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