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Welcome to this site -- which is undergoing a major update for 2017. Right, everything changes, and this isn't the first for my blog since it debuted in August 2010, with a single post for the month that (I think) found about 11 readers. Tuesday postings will be a given, as they have for the past several years with my old Wordcraft posts. And although I'm ditching the Wordcraft name, the format will continue to include updates on current literary events, with an emphasis on those in my North Texas region, as well as more -- lots more -- reviews of books both current and classic.

I also hope to find a way to link to my 60+ reviews previously posted on Amazon and Goodreads.

The previous Adventure classics posts that appeared on Fridays saw their final posting in December 2016, although old versions will still appear in the blog archives. And some readers are still kind enough to remember the Totally Texas posts I did years ago, featuring kid-friendly (or at least young adult-friendly) outings. Previous Totally Texas posts also will continue to be available in the archives.

So, is there any point in visiting this site on days other than Tuesdays?

Definitely! A more flexible schedule will let me post more immediately -- and frequently about literary events, writing advice, contests, and anything else that didn't fit into the Tuesday slots.

Wishing everybody a year of more writing -- and reading -- for 2017!

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