Thursday, December 2, 2010


I intended to blog yesterday but ended up wrestling with a new computer modem instead.  In the interests of economy or of plain cussedness, I deal with most computer issues personally, with sometimes scruffy results, as a look at my built-from-a-box website, will show.  But I persevered and the computer is back online.

Your perseverence meter, like mine, may feel like it's sitting on empty now, two days after the end of NaNoWriMo.  Not for me the glee of a fellow writer who zipped right past that 50,000-word goal and is treating herself to a holiday vacation in Mexico as a reward, the lucky thing.  Did you reach your goal?  Win a prize?  Me either.  But at least we can say we've got more words written that we had a month ago.  We've persevered.

I laid the NaNoWriMo novel aside with relief and went back to rewriting a previous one, a novel I thought I'd finished revising a year ago, after spending the year before that -- maybe longer, I lose track -- writing it.  Hope to have it in shape to offer to agents after New Year's.  Because, you know, whether we work on a project for a month, or a year, or -- for some of us -- much longer, perseverance is where it's at.

And if I haven't persuaded you not to build your own website, check out and its website tonight product.

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